Meditation is the Journey. The Journey is the Meditation.

My writing coach gave me a gift.  She referred me to a friend of hers, another retired English teacher from the Shaker school system.  Her friend teaches meditation, but since Lee meets students in her apartment she will only teach to students who are referred to her.  She usually meets one on one, and the session is for six weeks.  Naturally, I asked about the fee. She does this for free.  When I met her, Lee explained to me that the world would be a better place if everyone learned to meditate.  She’s out to change the world, one meditant at a time.

This, like most stories, is a story is one of synchronicities.  She started meditating when she was a young teacher, with a family, a dog, the works.  The high school she taught in was large and unwieldy.  She was looking for a house to move into and a house appeared to her in her dreams.  She found the house, although it was a bit above her price range.  Somehow the details worked out and she and her husband bought the house from the deceased owner’s grandchildren.  Their grandfather had designed the house and after their grandmother died they could no longer afford to keep the house in their family.

Soon after moving in, Lee found a telephone propped on a couple of phone books sitting in the middle of the attic.  Wedged between the two phone books, was an old journal.  It belonged to the grandmother and the first page of the journal said:  “The most important thing any person can do is meditate.”

And so, my journey begins.