Stand on the Mountain: Days Thirty - Thirty-Two

Last week, Lee told me a story of a seeker who set out with a shaman. They walked for many miles in a desert surrounded by mountains. The shaman had the seeker carry a card table. In the middle of the desert, the seeker set up the card table and put certain objects on the table, objects that represented his life. The two walked out of the desert and stood on the mountain. The shaman asked the seeker to look for the table. The seeker could no longer see the table, but he knew it was there, somewhere in the middle of the desert. The next task was to retrieve the table. There have been times this last week when I could see my table in the distance. This is not a matter of analyses, my favorite way to approach anything, but a matter of distance and space. Stand on the mountain and observe from that place. That takes discipline.