Float Happy: Days Forty-One and Forty-Two

Today I meditated for only fifteen minutes when I was interrupted by a phone call I had been waiting for.  That was a shame since I was really having a hard time settling down and felt like I was finally getting my thoughts to drop when the telephone rang.  I have ignored a ringing phone several times before, but since I needed to take the call, I jumped up and answered the phone.  It was a rather complicated business type of call, one that required my complete attention and used lots of brain cells.  I was surprised I wasn't foggier when speaking.  I don't know why I thought I would have a hard time talking and wouldn't really remember the call later.  Meditation does not leave me feeling as if I'd just had a couple of glasses of wine, but there is something about it akin to that happy, floaty feeling that does accompany a nice glass of white burgundy.