Eat Sleep Meditate: Days One Hundred Four - One Hundred Fourteen

Things have changed. There have been several days over these past ten days when I have not meditated. This is not as worrisome to me now as it was in my first couple of months. I am not worried that once I skip a day, I won't go back. I need a quantifiable amount of meditation in my life, as I need a certain amount of food or sleep. I don't know the exact amounts of any if these basic necessities, but I always know when I've had too little or too much. These past ten days have been filled with problems.  I know they are problems because as my Grandpa Joe  told me: a problem is something that cannot be solved with money.  The problems are intractable and I do what I can to resolve them.  I am not aghast at what I cannot do.  This, I am certain, is a result of the distance that is the gift of meditation.