Wham Bam Crash your Car Ma'am: Days One Hundred Thirty-Five - One Hundred Forty-Two

An example of how meditation affects everything: on Monday I was in a metal crushing air bag exploding car accident. In between errands (gas fill-up and grocery store), I was feeling content about my efficiencies. I'd make it to the grocery before it closed, pick up the turkey breast destined for my husband's smoker, and get home with enough time to meditate before dinner.

A car crash is a cinematic moment. Time slows down. Noises enlarge. Thoughts bask in the background of air bag dust and an insistent seat belt strap. As I watched myself drift towards oncoming traffic, I could observe a thought or two pass through me. Would the cars coming towards me veer out of way? Would I be able to get out of my car or would the doors be bashed shut? No drama or fear attached to these questions. They were simply practicalities.

Did the meditation practice affect my reaction to the crash? Was I less reactive in a crisis situation? I'm not sure, but I do know that in dealing with the aftermath, the myriad of details involving wounds and crushed car metal, I deliberate between limited choices and don't fret the options not available.