Lightbulb Moment: Days One Hundred Seventy Four - One Hundred Seventy Eight

My secret goal for meditation is to come up with new insights into who I am and what are the best ways to accomplish my goals.  This happens more frequently from water pounding on my head during a shower than it does during meditation.  What a disappointment.  I am in love with ideas.  Not just any ideas, but my ideas.  My id is my favorite body part.  Epiphanies, revelations, solutions: when one descends upon me, I am in love.  I become attached, but meditation is the practice of learning to not be attached to ideas, to let them float on by in the ephemeral way that is their very nature.  It is okay to come back to these ideas later, but meditation is not the time to nurture ideas, it is the time to let them go. Orphan ideas make me saddest.  These guys float away when they're not  adequately appreciated.  They get lost and forgotten and all their lovely potential remains just that: potential undeveloped.    The practice of meditation does not make this okay, it just allows me to see it more clearly.