Six Month Anniversary: Days One Hundred Eighty - One Hundred Eighty Three

It has officially been six months since I started to meditate on an almost daily basis.The differences that were so startling in the beginning have begun to soften.  My expectations are lower and the changes so subtle, for the most part I can't notice them at all.  I meditate because I am a person who meditates.  I think about the rest of the world that does not meditate and I wonder how they manage their day to day. When I sat down to meditate today, I had the same trepidation I had on the first day I sat down.  Twenty minutes without a task or a goal, twenty minutes to spend with a person who has let me down about a million times in the last twenty-four hours.  Twenty minutes of me is a whole lot of me to tolerate.  But I sat, and fidgeted, and sat some more.  The nerves calmed down, the muscles relaxed, and the mind slowed for a moment or two, flitted around, then slowed again. I accomplished nothing, again, and that is a good thing.