Energy: Days Two Hundred One- Two Hundred Two

It has been my honor to have spent time in the home/studio of artist Natvar Bhavsar. He lives with his wife, the photographer Janet Brosious, in a loft in Soho. Natvar spends twelve hours each day, standing, dripping pigment onto canvas. The results are astonishing. The images are pure color and when you stand in the presence of his art, the energy is palpable. In his studio, in the presence of this tangible intangible forcefield, something resonated in me. I knew this forcefield and I knew it lived inside of me. That energy was familiar; it was a part of me I'd always known was there, but had never felt in quite that strong a way where it was outside myself and palpable.

During my meditation today, it occurred to me that the blue circle I often see when I search for my third eye and concentrate on the light, exists on canvas in the artwork of Natvar.