Come Back: Days Two Hundred Three - Two Hundred Five

To the great female force in the universe, here is my confession: It has been three days since I last meditated. The mantra I used today was: Come Back. I am on information and energy overload attending a conference with 1700 other Jewish ladies in New York City. We are powerful, we are chatty, we are, for the most part, really well dressed. The dress I drooled over at Barney's last June, I saw two of them. Black A-line swing dress with fuchsia patch pockets, you know who you are.

The closing keynote address last night was delivered by Corey Booker. This black man impressed me with his impeccable Yiddish and his devotion to Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). I hope he meets his b'shert soon. I have a little bit of a crush on the Mayor, but I'm absolutely smitten with a certain Mrs. Levine whose name never made it on the program, the quintessential little old Jewish lady who found her power to change the world. She's been in jail twice, once for an act of desegregation and once for slipping a letter under the door at the Russian embassy asking that the Russian ambassador please allow Jews to emigrate out of his country. Mrs. Levine, you rock.