Ch•Ch•Ch•Changes:Days Two Hundred Twenty Two - Two Hundred Twenty Eight

A common question is whether the meditation works, has it changed my life? I have to say it has. When I look back over the course of my life over the past six months, I see a clear path leading to a place I am interested in going. I've had the dream of being a writer ever since the first grade when I wowed the two most important people in the world, my mother and my teacher, with the story of the ladybug and the teacup. The dream has been derailed plenty. Law school, the practice of law, kids, husbands, new recipes, golf; any distraction worked and worked well. It's not that I never got any writing done; I did. I pursed an MFA in creative writing, I participated in writing workshops, I published a little. But something was missing. The writing never really attained the priority status it deserved. I was cheating me.

Over the past six months, I've started a blog, have published a little, written an important essay I've always meant to write, written a book review, started teaching a memoir workshop, read a remarkable and geeky book on grammar ( Sin and Syntax by Constance Hale), and have not finished my novel. Yet.

Cover of "The Elements of Style, Fourth E...