Meditatus Interruptus: Days Two Hundred Thirty Three - Two Hundred Thirty Five

Buddha in Sarnath Museum (Dhammajak Mutra) Loc...

Sometimes it goes like this.

Sit in my chair. Five or six diaphragmatic breaths.  Imagine a light shining out from behind my eyes, my sinus cavity, my ears, my mouth.  Relax my jaw, my neck, my shoulders and arms and hands, my chest, stomach, spine, both legs, and feet. Hear my mantra in my head and start to bring thoughts to my heart. See the light that is between my eyes and start to imagine that flowing down to my heart.  Hear the phone ring. Thought: this might be Carol. I always answer the phone when Carol calls, no matter what. I answer.  It is Carol.  She needs to talk and I need to listen. We hang up.  I sit down again in my chair. Three diaphragmatic breaths, a quick body scan to re-relax, search for the light between my eyes. Remember the mantra. Back in. Dog barks. Dog continues to bark. Convince myself that outside noises can happen and I can still stay inside my meditation. Supreme concentration on bringing the light towards my heart. The dog barks. The door, next to my chair, that opens to the outside rattles.  I open my eyes. A repairman is standing at the door and looking at me. I think he is more startled than I am. He apologizes for disturbing me and I let him in. I move to another room. I sit down on the couch. I take one breath, see the light that is my third eye, find my mantra, and sit. The dog barks. I sit.