I Confess: Days Two Hundred Forty Five- Two Hundred Forty Eight

I confess. Something about meditation disappoints me. Eight months ago, when I first started to meditate, I was thrilled to experience burst after burst of awareness, change, revelation.  Trippy.

Synapses were firing and connecting all over the place. Clarity was mine. No way in the world I would ever give up this process that unmuddled the muddle of my mind.

I'm still a believer. Meditation is a powerful tool. It has changed the way I look at the world and it has changed the way I look at myself. But, there have been no lightning bolt moments for many months. My meditation and I have settled into a comfortable relationship. I sit for twenty minutes daily and I find a level of contentment and satisfaction that inexplicably encourages me to try new things and be open to possibility.