Thanks, Deepak: Two Hundred Fifty-Six - Two Hundred Sixty-Two

My friend Simone signed up for Deepak Chopra's twenty-one day meditation challenge. As I'm a person who's easily influenced, I joined her and signed up too. Turns out, as expected, it's an onslaught of impersonal emails from Deepak where he provides, concisely, a meditative topic to think about and a suggestion for a thought upon which to center your meditation. He also provides a Sanskrit mantra, as well as its English translation. The mantra for today was: Sat, Chit, Ananda; translation: existence, consciousness, bliss. I am a skeptic and a cynic and it's hard for me to immerse myself in the gobbldygook of spiritual pablum. But here is what grabbed me:

Today, we will consider the three levels of existence—mind, matter, and spirit. Mind is the reasoning level that tells us that we can or cannot be, do, or have something. Matter is the physical world around us that shows us the results of what we hold in our minds. Spirit is the deepest domain, the place of our interconnectedness with the infinite mind of the universe. It is the field of pure potentiality.

Well said, Deepak. Meditation does lead me to that deep domain of interconnectedness. Since I have begun to meditate, the channel between me and what is outside of me has opened. I receive more information and energy from outside and I think put more information and energy out there. This is a difficult thing to explain since it's very subtle and reeks of being new agey.

Before I meditated today, I thought about what Deepak wrote. Then I looked at the suggested mantra and thought: no way. Use the words "existence, consciousness, bliss" to bring myself back to my center and away from the thoughts in my head? This would never work for me. But when I sat down to meditate, guess what popped into my head unbidden? Sat, Chit, Ananda. How was this Sanskrit mantra available in my head when I had only read the words once? Not only did I remember the words and say them to myself, I liked the sound of the words and the words themselves brought me focus.

That's cool.

English: Roy Harter with Deepak Chopra.