Meditating Angry: Day Two Hundred Ninety-One

For the past few days, life feels more unsettled than usual. Everything is roiling around inside me and I just can't put my finger on it. This leaves me cranky and when I'm cranky I become unreasonable. Rather, I think I'm being totally reasonable, but no one around me agrees. So, when I jump on my husband for not doing his fair share, he gets angry with me. He doesn't think I'm being fair and I'm not. Joe doesn't like the whiny and demanding parts of me. It can make him upset. Our fight about exactly how unreasonable I was being was interrupted by a phone call Joe had to take. He had business to attend to and I hadn't meditated yet today, so I thought, why not? Is it possible to sit down and meditate when I'm angry? Turns out, yes. This works out just fine. I often see a spot of color when I meditate and I wondered, would I see red? Not so much. My third eye was sage, then kind of a piney ball that blurred back to sage. Nice.

English: Angry