The Unread: Days Two Hundred Ninety-Two - Two Hundred Ninety-Seven

Always, as soon as I sit down to meditate, I think of undone tasks or a new idea that needs investigating. I promise myself I'll return to these thoughts later and then I keep my promise. This works well. But today, my mind was filled with titles that shame me. Shame on me for not yet having read these books.


I regret not having read these books and this list is just for starters. I guess I feel no shame for skipping the non-fiction stuff. Sure, there are some biographies and memoir that I plan to read, but fiction is more important. Fiction is the way to bring sanctity and clarity to reality.

Of course, as soon as I check off a title, the list doubles. Still, it feels great to have the list out of my head and on the page. Infinite Jest, I'm coming for you.