Days Three Hundred Thirteen - Three Hundred Twenty-Four

Home. So thankful to be surrounded by snow and sunlight and solitude. It feels good and solid to be back in my quiet place and for some reason, although I always meditate with my bare or stockinged feet planted on the ground, today I sit cross-legged. My meditation over the past few tumultuous weeks has been so sporadic, maybe I just feel I need something just a little different. It is as it always was. I quiet my mind, relax my body, then remember an important thing I've forgotten to do. I assure myself I will take care of this little oversight later and had I not sat down to meditate, I probably never would have remembered at all. My meditation question, who am I, leads me to a new place. Ha! I am old, but not so old that there are no longer new answers. 20130107-145519.jpg