Canine synchronicity

It's exciting that Cleveland is trying to reinvent. Less exciting that my son, Jesse, has decided to become an urban pioneer. He moved into his apartment yesterday, in a rougher neighborhood than what I'd like. The kind of neighborhood with a cop bar (who knew?) and stray dogs. 20130414-085038.jpg

Very large stray dogs. The kind who identify people with soft hearts.

This dog stood between Jesse and his front door and this is not the kind of dog you can budge. He unlocked his door and in she went. Such a sad dog. Tip of her tail is gone, weepy eyes, teats enlarged as if she had just given birth. Who knows?


The neighborhood is rough. Dogs are good security. This English mastiff is 100 pounds of security. The dog seemed to know something about us, about Jesse. I found a blanket in the living room and settled it in the kitchen for her.


She snores.