The Question is the Answer

The question posed by a friend at lovely Italian restaurant with plenty of good wine: WHAT DOES MEDITATION DO FOR YOU? Wish I'd said: When you look at the great inventions, the game-changers for society - the pulley, the wheel, the printing press, penicillin, the internet - you can say these inventions made specific tasks possible, brought information and knowledge to the masses, cured diseases. But we can't even comprehend the changes that occurred because of these inventions. Each of these things brought about seismic shifts for humankind. That's big.

When I look at the game-changers in my life - learning to speak, to read, to write, to ski, to dream - I can't explain the extent of what these accomplishments do for me. Who would I be without my language or my dreams? I can't quantify what meditation does for me. I don't need to.

I am a person who meditates and I am a different person than I would be were I person who did not.

At left in the foreground, a printer removes a...