The Synchronicity of Catastrophe

This is how it goes if you're my son Adam. It's the weekend and you play in a softball game. You're with your girlfriend and you both have a great time. The two of you walk home from the game along the lake path thinking about the plans you have for the rest of the day - lunch, a shopping trip. You happen to look up across the highway and see a man fly off of his motorcycle and land on the highway. There's no one else around and you dash towards him, scale the separation barrier and boost your girlfriend over as well. The man wasn't wearing a helmet and his arm is dislocated from his shoulder. You stop the traffic, try to drag the motorcycle out of the way. It's hard to budge. You give the man water and call 911. The man is in shock.He doesn't know what happened. You finally drag the motorcycle from the middle of the highway to the side. The police come. They tell you he was lucky you happened to be there. No one takes your name. Disasters and catastrophes wait for Adam to arrive. He can make the decision to come to someone's rescue faster than I can say Gesundheit after someone sneezes. He's rescued strangers and friends and family members. He seems to be getting used to it.