Transition Bridge

The most difficult part is not that I must sit in stillness. I can relax, breathe, repeat the mantra, and avoid the torture of my thoughts for twenty minutes. But when my eyes pop open, twenty minutes on the dot after I've sat down (my mantra might as well be punctual) I cannot spend that all important two minutes gazing at the ground and taking the time to re-enter.I've already begun the next thing on my to-do list. In my wold, it's all metaphor all the time. I once helped my son Adam with a high school essay. The verdict from his teacher: Where are your transitions? Yeah. I know. I jump from sentence to sentence, idea to idea, stage of life to stage of life and none of it's graceful.

I'd like to build a bridge between my meditative life and my active life. To travel the bridge between who I am and who I'd like to be.


Meditation is a tool that allows us to see connectivity, to trust what your logical self tells you is not there. The future connected to the past, connected by the tenuous and the tentative. Breaths of transition. The bridge of breaths.