Thoughts for Later/Thoughts for Never

This is a

There are two categories of thoughts that pop in and out of my mind as I sit in stillness. There are the ideas that get me excited, some new way to look at an old project or a word blend that pleases me. When these ideas alight, I capture them. I promise to remember the thought and come back to it later. Then, I keep my promise to myself.

But, there is a second category and those thoughts are the ones I try to push out of my brain forever. Little pinpricks, bits of bad juju. These are the thoughts that concern something not within my power to change:  thoughts about someone else's actions and my frustration in not being able to change what I am not able to change. I use my mantra to lure the pesky thoughts from my mind and from my body. I try to envision the thought turning to vapor, then dissipating right out of my spinal cord.

The banished thoughts will return again, they always do.

Again and again, I try to make myself accept that I have no control over the thoughts of others, little control over my own thoughts, and twenty minutes a day to work on it.