Dumb secrets

There are secrets and there are dumb secrets. Dumb secrets are those bits of information that are hidden because the only potential holder of the secret does not want to know. The sort of people who don't want to know are called husbands. A man can only carry so many subjects in his head at one time. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It does not occur to my husband to worry about the very thing that distracts me from my work. He has access to the information and chooses not to access. The result is that there is information being withheld from me and the not knowing sucks up all my attention and diminishes my focus. My husband, in the meantime, gets his work done. So, my choice is to ask my husband for information which will require him to think about something he does not want to think about or to make peace with the fact that whether or not I know does not change the status of the information. The facts are the facts whether or not I am aware of them.

Today's meditation was dedicated to letting go of the need to know. What has happened has happened whether or not I am aware of the results