Random Reflection

It’s been over two years since I first started to meditate on a regular basis and I’ve been trying to remember what my life was like before. In some ways, it’s like trying to remember the pain of a headache once the headache has been vanquished. Pain can put you in the present moment like nothing else, but once the pain is gone, it's also gone from your memory. The biggest difference to my life post-meditation is my receptivity to the random.  I used to think that if something happened and it was a random thing to happen, it must be insignificant. I don’t think that way anymore. If I read something that resonates with me, I pay attention. If I meet someone that I had just heard about a couple of days ago, I pay attention. And if a random act leads me somewhere I did not expect to go, I go.

Still, I do not believe that everything happens for a reason. That old platitude provokes. Stupid things happen. Unfair things happen. But if the stupid and the unfair lead me someplace, it doesn't mean I should not go. I might not  endow a stupid unfair thing with more significance than it deserves, but I might not ignore it either.