My Favorite Paradox

I know it's spring because there are worms sticking out from under the snow. photoBut, this past Sunday, the weather held on and Emmy and I got to go for our walk in the Metropark as we do every Sunday when the weather and our schedules cooperate. Emmy also meditates and she learned her technique the same way as I did - through a weekly visit to our friend Lee where she would sit in Lee's living room and have a conversation about the way to fit meditation into one's life and the challenges and rewards that come from trying to stick with a meditation practice. Emmy and I talked about the ways our lives have changed since we started to meditate regularly. How it's hard to describe and even harder to remember in what ways we were different. There is a paradox inherent in meditation and Emmy described it in a wonderful way. Once you begin to accept the lack of control we have over so much of our lives, you can begin to relax. The tighter you try to hang on to the illusion of control, the more anxiety.