Here's what Emmy said: Once you begin to accept the lack of control we have over so much of our lives, you can begin to relax. The tighter you try to hang on to the illusion of control, the more anxiety. Here's what I said: Well said. A paradox. (there's nothing I love more than a paradox)

Here's what Carol said: It is not a paradox that when you give up on the idea of control you have less anxiety. Once you accept the fact you have no control, you have less stress. It is logical.

Yes. As usual, Carol is right. This is logical, but still, it seems to me a paradox is in there somewhere. I try to explain to Carol where the paradox lies.

Here's what I said (actually the edited version of what I said known as what I wished I would have said):  If I had the superpower to win friends and influence people (apologies, Dale Carnegie), then I would have more control over the people around me and get things to go my way and if things were to go my way, I would have less anxiety. There is a power surge when you convince someone to do something your way or on the rare occasion you can change someone's mind(in reality, this has never happened). But, it's much more useful to to accept the hugeness that is the universe outside your dominion. It's a paradox  that when you accept how little control you have, you end up with more control.