Sweet Dreams (are Made of this)

UnknownYes, Annie Lennox. Everybody is looking for something. When I'm searching for answers, I often ask my questions before I meditate. I  ask: how do I find focus in chaos? Or-- how do I let something go? It's a kind of show-me-the -way question. I ask gently, or at least as patiently and gently as I can. Generally, my questions are for guidance. How do I focus on this and not that? How do I get that toxic thought to stop nagging me? The questions are soft, not probing. I'm not always that deep. I've asked: how can I lose weight? I went for several months with eating dinner just every other night. It didn't work. Oh well. I don't demand or expect an answer, but nevertheless the answer often arrives. This doesn't happen like   a bolt of lightning. I'll  notice months after I've begun asking the question, hey- I've somehow completed a draft of my novel despite the disruptions and chaos in my life. I have accomplished something significant. Or the thought that has been circling around in my head for so many months in a row has been absent for a long time.

Hold your head up, movin' on