I Support Nothing

There are people who meditate and there are people who are impressed with people who meditate. If you fall into the second category, take a breath. It's simple to switch categories. Meditation is an easily learned skill. I could teach you to do it in five minutes. Slow breaths, relax, coax your thoughts from your head to your heart. Repeat. The difficulty is not in pUnknown-1erforming the task; the difficulty is incorporating the practice into your daily routine.

Take a solitary activity that will not earn you any fame or fortune and figure out how to get yourself to do it. It's not guaranteed to result in weight loss or financial success. It's not about improving your romantic relationship or your confidence, or selling more crap to more people, or winning friends and influencing people. In fact, meditation is not about any goal at all. That's right. As they say, if you have a goal, you're not meditating. So, no wonder there's no incentive to sit yourself down and not do anything. You could do it, but why should you?

The real key to learning to meditate is not about the learning, it's about finding the support to keep sitting still and doing nothing.