Begin Again

It was an accomplishment for me to meditate once daily. I've been doing it for the past three years. But life only gets more convoluted and more complicated. Don't ask. So it's time for me to meditate twice daily. It's like starting over again from the beginning. 

So this seems as good a time as any to begin again. A new blog. An additional dose of meditation. Let's start again from the beginning.

What I do: 

  1. Take several diaphramatic breaths. On the inhale, puff your belly out. Do this slowly. Think of a water mill turning up on the inhale, down on the exhale. Go slow. Do as many breaths as you need to start to slow your breathing.
  2. Imagine a bright light shining out of your eyes, then your nose, then your ears, then your mouth and let the light relax each of those parts. It helps me to think of the back of my eyes as they sink deeper into my head. Be sure to relax your jaw.
  3. Imagine the light as it travels up and down your neck, your arms (both sides), your fingers, chest and stomach. I may roll my neck from side to side to help it relax.
  4. The light travels up a down your spine, a perfect metaphor for your life. The spine is flexible and allows you to be upright.
  5. Imagine a colorless shapeless void in your chest. Of course that's impossible. Never mind. 
  6. Let the light continue to travel into your hips, legs and toes.
  7. The first six steps take me about five of the twenty minutes I spend in meditation. The next part of the process is where I coax my thoughts to the hollow in my chest. I may imagine a magnet in my chest drawing down the thoughts.
  8. Or I may imagine a light between my eyes (the third eye) and bring that to my heart.

Now's the hard part. Find someone or something to support you in your practice. I'm here.