You say serendipity, I say synchronicity

Oatman and I are writing a play together and he owes me a scene. He's late. I send him a message just as he's sitting down to write. He asks me if I'm psychic. A little, I say.

I trust myself more than I used to. 

Analyze less.

Analyze later.

Trust my gut more. Listen to my heart first.

Earlier in my life I made decisions based on a coin flip. If heads came up and I hated what it made me do, I knew to make the other choice. A less meditative model perhaps, but one that got me to pay attention to my gut. I don't need the coin flip anymore.

 Sammy says: it's serendipity. 

I call it synchronicity. The person who taught me to meditate calls it flow. You might call it God.