Hot Flash Wisdom

What are we supposed to learn from hot flashes? The dental assistant with her hands in my mouth is serious. Her oscillating fan is channeled to the highest setting and my hair is windblown photo-shoot style.

I mean I don't get it. Everything that's happened to me so far has happened for a purpose.

She is the most philosophically confident dental assistant that has ever worked on me.

Even the time I was involved in a head-on collision, it was for a reason. But this! What could God want us to learn from hot flashes? And do we all have to suffer from them? Although I did once meet a woman in her seventies who said she never had a hot flash. So maybe not all.

She has her hands in my mouth or I would tell her that woman was lying.

My dental assistant could have chosen to talk to me about the crappy weather or my brand of toothpaste. But she didn't. Small talk seldom happens to me. She told me about the time she was cheated into renting an apartment and later realized had she not been cheated she would not have come to live in the best house on the army base. She told me change-of-life babies run in her family. 

She has absolute certainty that everything in this world happens for a purpose. Everything, that is, except for hormonal incidents.


I tell her I think she'll find the meaning in hot flashes. I tell her it might have something to do with the family tendency towards change of life babies. After all, her mother happened to be one (she told me).

You think so? Her eyes are wide. If I figure it out, I'll call you. I promise.

She repeats her promise. Three times. I believe her. I don't know whether or not she'll find wisdom as her estrogen level bounces around, but I'm fairly certain she will look. She fills a tiny cup with mouthwash. I rinse.