Conjure the future

Twice yesterday, I conjured people. It happens frighteningly often.

I'm moving and so by default, I'm decluttering. I find notes and mementos from long-lost friends. They call. Out of the blue. 


A common enough experience; it happens to everyone. You have a conversation and mention someone you haven't seen for a while. In a completely random turn of events, that person crosses your path. You might say it's a coincidence. 

But when it happens to me, I take note. I stop and observe. It's not coincidence, I think.

Then what is it?

"We attract what we think about," Tejpal told me. "Expect a crisis, one will find you."

Brandon works at an art gallery. "I'll tell you a secret," he said. "The people who buy art they love find when they move, it fits their new space."

Call me. You obviously know who you are.