Mindfulness for Lawyers programs bring the opportunity to create the habit of meditation as part of mindfulness training. Together we seek to open minds to pursue new possibilities, embrace change, and become aware — of ourselves, our surroundings, and others.

Participants in the program can expect to try meditation through an accessible introduction to breath awareness, body relaxation, and ongoing practice techniques. I provide tools and the encouragement to use them.


Three Week Immersive

The three week immersive meditation for lawyers program is a thorough introduction to meditation and guided experience. Through three one and one half hour sessions, participants will be introduced to the concepts of meditation, provided tools to integrate the practice into their daily lives, and join together as a community to learn, practice, and support each other.

The three week immersive program can standalone for participants as part of a class or association, or can fit into an ongoing series of meetings for any organization.

One Hour Talk

The one hour meditation for lawyers talk compliments your existing law school class, bar association, ethics training, or any gathering where legal minds gather to learn something new. Meditation is especially opportune for ethics and compliance seminars and training because our work on mindfulness will directly impact participant’s abilities to empathize with everyone from clients to opposing counsel.

In the one hour talk, we will cover breath work and focus, body scan techniques and relaxation, and an introduction to meditation and ongoing practice.

For Lawyers and Other People Who Breathe

Mindfulness Meditation at Wiggins Place

Mindfulness meditation is not what you think. Every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm, Beachwood, Ohio